Your Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Endorsed By:

Labor Unions

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 369

“I am pleased to inform you that IBEW Local 369 COPE has voted unanimously to endorse your campaign for re-election. Your hard work and tireless efforts on behalf of the citizens of Jefferson County made this a very easy decision.”

UA Local 502 Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians

Communication Workers of America Local 3310

“The hard-working people of CWA are proud to endorse your campaign for Jefferson Circuit Court Judge. We appreciate your commitment to serving the working class and look forward to working with you to improve our Commonwealth.” 

United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners Local 175

“Each and every Carpenter endorsed candidate must possess a great deal of integrity and character, while establishing a proven record for supporting organized labor and working families.   It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we believe your candidacy embodies these qualities and therefore you are deserving of the Carpenters’ endorsement.”

United Auto Workers

“It is our pleasure to inform you that the United Auto Workers Community Action Program (CAP)  has ENDORSED you  in your election bid for Circuit Court Judge.  The CAP endorsement is based upon your support for the interests of Kentucky’s working families and your commitment of coninued support for the efforts of the United Auto Worker’s union members.”

Iron Workers Local 70

“The Iron Worker’s Local Union #70 are proud to give you this endorsement from the members.

It is improtant for our Organization to be affiliated with the Pillars of our community and to have strong ties to them.   Thank you for speaking with us at our monthly Union Meeting in June.   Good luck in your campaign.”

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 227

“United Food and Commercial Workers Local 227 (UFCW 227) proudly endorses your candidacy for Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge in the 2nd Division.  UFCW 227 members will educate our co-workers and communities that you have earned our support.”

United Steelworkers Local 1693

IUE-CWA Local 83761

Teamsters Local 783


Law Enforcement Endorsements

 St. Matthews FOP Lodge 31
St. Matthews Police Officers

Louisville Corrections FOP Lodge 77
Louisville Metro Corrections Officers

“On behalf of the Executive Board and the Members of the Louisville Corrections Fraternal Order of Police, we are proud to endorse you in your upcoming election. Your commitment, effort and support for law enforcement, public safety and the criminal justice system have not gone unnoticed.”

Louisville Metropolitan FOP Lodge 32
Probation & Parole Officers

“On behalf of the membership of Louisville Metropolitan FOP Lodge #32, we are pleased to endorse you in your campaign for Jefferson County Circuit Court Division 2. We look forward to working with you to make Jefferson County a safe place to live, work and play.”

 River City FOP Lodge 614
Louisville Metro Police Officers

Shively FOP Lodge 17
Shively Police Officers

“On behalf of Shively FOP Lodge #17, I would like to thank you for reaching out to our lodge and coming to speak to us in person.  I am happy to inform you that Shively FOP Lodge #17 has voted to endorse your candidacy for Circuit Court Judge in the upcoming 2018 election.”

FOP Deputy Sheriff’s Lodge 25
Jefferson County Deputy Sheriffs

Community Endorsements

 Citizens for Better Judges

Citizens for Better for Judges:  “After a lengthy and rigorous evaluation of each canidates qualifications for election to the Circuit Court bench in light of the high standards and demanding criteria established for endorsement by CBJ, CBJ endorsed Judge Lavery as the Most Qualified to serve in this position.”

Louisville Bar Association 2018 Judicial Candidates Poll Results

“Rated Highly Qualified/Qualified by 90.1% of Respondents.”

Louisville Professional Firefighters Local 345

“The Louisville Professional Firefighters, Local 345 are proud to extend our endorsement of you.   The process of endorsing a candidate for office is not something that we take lightly, and we know that you will be an advocate for our City’s professional firefighters and the retirees who have given a life of service to their fellow citizens.   We look forward to working with you for the betterment of our community.”